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12 Famous Historical Monuments Of Kerala

Published by: KOTTAKKAL ARYA VAIDHYA SHALA on 2018-07-18


There is no doubt that Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Shala is the authority for Ayurveda treatment. KAVS established in 1902. This institution is in Kottakkal, a small village of Malappuram District, Kerala in India. Many people through out the world enjoyed treatment facility of Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala.. India Mirror Holidays Cochin, is helping the patients by receiving them from Airport/Rly station of Kochi/Calicut and arranging accommodation wherever they want, transporting to Kottakkal. Admission could be taken the inter-net prior their visit. This will take much time as the accommodation in the hospital is limited and no of patients may be much more. All payments will be paid direct by patient him/herself to the hospital including room rent. So it is ensured that no travel agency can cheat you by taking more money from customer. India Mirror Holidays got little more influence with the above institution and can do certain extend of help to customer in the very proper right manner. Any problem arises after registering in the hospital and booking

accommodation do not hesitate to contact us. We are here for your service. Any how we can assure your treatment in the very proper manner. Now on historic point of view we can be back to Kottakkal. How the name Kottakkal came? This place was once known as SWETHA DURGAM in Sanskrit which means White fort. It was a Kingdom of Valluvanad Army base. There were fort and castles that means there were (Kottakkal) in Malayalam castles and forts. The word Kottakkal might have become Kottakkal in British version.
KVAS is an 116 year old institution engaged in the practice and propagation of Ayurveda, the ancient health care science of India. KVAS offers classical Ayurvedic medicines, authentic Ayurvedic treatment and Therapies to patients from all over the world. KVAS established during 1902 by the visionary physician Hon. Vaidyaratnam PS Varier(late) as a small village clinic. It has now grown up upto multy unit, multy disciplinary, multi functional and multy crore organizations. It has operations of different areas of Ayurvedic practice. AVS runs hospitals at Delhi, and Kochi in addition with all most all facilities as in Kottakkal, AVS got three modern medical manufacturing units attached with well equipped quality control labs. These factories produces more than 550 classical and new generation formulations, which are made available to patients through 20 branch clinics and more than 1600 authorised dealers across the country. KVAS is also engaged in research activities. They publish various Ayurvedic Periodicals and books. They cultivates medicinal plants and conduct educational programmes. AVS also runs a Kathakali Academy where the classical Theatre of Kathakali is taught and performed . It is a Charitable Trust of Public nature. Hospitals with Research Centre at Kottakkal got nearly 400 rooms of various rates to fetch all category of people. Panchakarma and all kinds of therapies are available at Kottakkal and other hospitals at Delhi and Kochi. All the treatments supervised by qualified Ayurvedic Doctors.
Ayurvedic treatments are found very effective for various kinds of debilitating ailments. An Ayurvedic school was established by late Shri, PS Varier in 1917. That has now improved as Vaidyaratnam Ayurveda College affiliated to the Kerala University of Health Science.The College has Graduate and Post graduate courses in Ayurveda Medicine. All the financial support to the College is being born by the AVS as per the will of the founder. AVS undertake the task of planned cultivation of medicinal plants in herbal garden as part of a project of conservation and sustainable use of medicinal plants. Prior appointment is required to get admission. Contact India Mirror Holidays for all other services in Kerala a reliable friend at Kerala always. Ph.9188176930 9895777547, 9846332069.

Distance to Kottakkal Arya Vaidya sala
Air Port Calicut to KAVS - 28 KMs
Kochi to KAVS - 165 KMs
Coimbatore to KAVS - 160 KMs

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