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12 Famous Historical Monuments Of Kerala

Published by: Kerala food on 2018-07-17

Following are the very important Kerala food items. All States have their own nature and culture oriented food items. They may be much tastier than KF. We have to taste and enjoy all food items from where ever we are getting. Of course many may not like all food items. Some like only vegetarian or other-wise. Almost all tourist locations in Kerala tasty KF are available. Only the important aspect is where we get good tasty food. The food if prepared by an expert cook who knows the quantity ratio of usage items in each food item. Quality of vegetables, oil used, boiling temperature control and many other factors involved to get the good food. Now we think about who will give us KF of good quality. An experienced Travel Agency can help you. To whom we select? No doubt you can dial 24 hour working telephone Nos,9895777547,9846332069 or 9188176930. This is the phone number of M/s.India Mirror Holidays. Thripunithura, Kochi.Kerala, India. They got more than ten years experience in the field. They know all the Tourist spots of Kerala. Through internet web sites also you can understand about them. Let us go back to food items and its quality. Following are the Kerala fame items:-
1. Puttuand Kadala.
3. Idiyappam
4. Fried chicken(Nadan)spicy.
5. Prowns fried.
6. Fish Moly
7.Porotta Malaba
Item 1,2 and 3 are made out of White dosa making rice and cocoanut only

Item 1,2 and 3 are made out of white rice and cocoanut. Cocoanuts used in milky or other form in each item. Item 1 and 3 are boiled in steam and the second one as usual in Hot pan. Taste is different in each item. This is because of the method of mixing and the way in which it is cooking. Steam cooked item is good for health for even sicky personnel. Keralites are considering these items for their break-fast menu. The reason is easily can be prepared and is a healthy food.
Kadala is used as a curry this is prepared by mixing adequate masala and cocoanut. It is also healthy and tastey.
Isetu: This is prepared with potato with coconut milk and small masala ingredients. Gives good taste.
Chicken spicy fried: Country chicken comes in various colours. Food given are quite natural items and grass. Artificial food will not be given. Growth of this kind of chicken will be very slow and cost also more. Small poultry farms are cultivating such chicken. This is more tasty and good for health. This dish also prepare by adding adequate masalas and with good approved oil.
Kerala Peawn fried : Sea/River prown are used for making this dish. Very small sizes will not be used for making this dish. Minimum 1 Inch dia ( each piese) required after frying. Bigger size rarely available when season comes. That can be cut and
make small pieces according to our requirement .This too tastey than small prawns. Fry after mixing required masala and use good approved oils. Coconut oil will give more taste.
Fish moly. Preparation similar to Prawns.
Malabar Poratta: It is made with Maida and oil of good approved quality .
These are some selected items not so costly also. Details of other food items and variety of CALICUT BRIYANI etc. will be elaborated later.
AR Nambiar
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