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12 Famous Historical Monuments Of Kerala

Published by: Kerala package tours , Kerala Holiday Package tours - India mirror holidays on 2018-06-03

Meager Kerala Festivals

INDIAMIRROR HOLIDAYS – Kerala Tour packages , Kerala Holiday packages , tour to Kerala team are taking tourists to certain festival areas as per the request there request. It is felt that a brief on festivals need to be given:-
Kerala celebrates variety of festivals of various Communities. Following are a few important festivals celebrated by entire Keralites through out the world. Most of the families of the celebration oriented Communities joined there family at Kerala once in a year.
The main festival is Oman, Christmas and Ramadan .
It is a national festival of Kerala. Entire state celebrate onam . Onam is being celebrated by Keralites where ever they lived. Many touristis from North India and other parts of the world joins the Kerala festivals . Transport and accommodation at Kerala will be booked well in advance of festivals . INDIAMIRROR HOLIDAYS , Cochin will be arranging accommodation and transports at very reasonable rates. It is very interesting to know about why such festivals are being celebrated. We are happy to say a few words regarding the festivals. Onam was originally celebrated by Hindu Community.This comes during Aug/Septemeber . This is also a festival of harvest Cultural . Later entire keralites join in the festival. Onam being celebrated in 10 days , last day is Thiruvonam as per Malayalam calendar. All schools in Kerala remain closed after there half year examinations. This gives more time to children to may and enjoyed. Many sports/games , competitions will be conducted by various organizations. Onam commemorate s the Vamana(Avatar of Vishnu). The subsequent home coming of legendary emperor Mahabali. Mahabali was a honest and state forward praja loving king. It is believed that the king visits on Thiruvonam day in the chingam month(aug/sep). All houses of Keralites welcoming there king Mahabali from the first day(Atham) to the 10th day that is Thiruvonam. Keralites arranged flower rangoli infront of there houses. Thiruvonam day they wear new colourful clothes and have Onam feast in the noon.
Though it is a Christian festival entire religion . All over the world celebrates Christmas. This is a birth celebrating of Jesus Christ on 25th December. Schools in Kerala observe leave after the three/4 year examination. As like onam all family members where ever they may be join together once in an year during Christmas day. They wear new beautiful ,colourful dresses. Sports and games will be conducted by various organizations for children. 24th midnight all will go their church for special prayer. The same evening children and elderly people with fancy dresses and colorful lights visites all houses with God loving songs . The next day 25th December Christmas will be celebrated with tasty food and sweets etc.

Ramadan is one of the greatest festival of Muslims. All over the world ramzan is celebrated like Christmas or Onam. Irrespective of Cast and Community all are enjoying Ramzan festival. It is being celebrated in the 9th month of lunar year. Most of the time they spend their time in the mosque during Ramzan period. They observe fast during day time and study Quran always. Ramzan is one of the 12 months of Muslim year. They believe Quran had originally came from Heaven. INDIA MIRROR HOLIDAYS welcome all of you to Kerala to enjoy Ramzan. This period Muslims offer food and dress to poor people. They wear beautiful new dresses on the festival day. After giving alms they approach Chief priest and ask to conduct prayer. After that they greet each other and offer ID-MUBARAK. Visit INDIA MIRROR HOLIDAYS to have a great Ramzan in Kerala in the coming years. Special discount on accommodation and transport rates will be offered by us.