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12 Famous Historical Monuments Of Kerala

Published by: Art and Culture of Kerala on 2018-06-03

Art and Culture of Kerala

India mirror Holidays - Kerala tour package- team giving you about the Ida Art and culture of Kerala

Dance in India got unchallengeable tradition of over two thousand years. Dances classified mainly in two divisions. Clasical and folk. Classical dance is illustrated and designed in NATYA SHASTHRA. There are eight Indian classical dances. KADHAKALI is one amongst the above. It is the main dance form of KERALA. Every visitors arriving in Kerala will be taken to Important well experienced Kadhakali institutions by India Mirror Holidays. Kochi.. Kadhakali institutions will be asked to dress the required form of art according to the choice of their Tourists. Certain visitors are coming to India to study the art.
Kadhakali is a highly stylized classical dance or dance-drama which gives a story through performance/singing. Dancer will not sing himself. He will only dance according to song and music. Music is made with the following instruments:- 1.CHENDA, 2. MADDALAM. 3.CYMBALLS and 4. ELATHALAM. Kadhakali is originated in 17th Century. It took many years to bring the Kadhakali in the present form. Earlier this art was performed in Temples and King”s palaces, Now we can see Kadhakali from many other locations. Kerala government had made all arrangements to propogate the art. We can see Kadhakali in cultural centers, International functions as a token of respect to foreign Dignitaries. Kadhakali can be seen in all tourist visiting spots. It will take many years to study Kadhakali minimum 10 to 15 years. This art is a combination of various other dance forms of India. This is the reason why this art is internationally accepted. .
When ever we feel to show Vishnu or Krishna(Considered as God of the Hindhu community) art form mohiniyattam is much suitable. Simple make-up, nicest body movements and face bhava make this art so attractive and beautiful. Here the following instruments are used. Chenda.maddhalam. cymbals and elathalam.
It is wonderful to note that how the present Kerala culture is formulated. Who were all responsible for such an improved culture and civilisation. There is no doubt that children get lessons from their parents of teachers. Development of humanbeings are from their forefathers, neibhours, medias and communications available to them. A state is a combination of few districts and many towns and more villages. A group of people will become a family and few families make their grama sabhas . Many such sabhas form a village. So each individual by various methods of influences is responsible for the total development of the Gods own country.
As per belief Lord Parashurama saved the kerala named land from the sea by throwing his Axe. Some other historical sources says that land of kerala is by product of the re-action of the vibration of the earth and it’s crash. Other chance might be due to siliting of rivers in south india. However it is a fact that a beautiful land is created and later became KERALA.

The first inhabitants of kerala were NEGRITYOS.There were known as experts of Ayurvedic medicines , and treatments. They also imagine about nature and it’s changes. Then reached proto astrauloids. Rice and vegetable cultivation started by them. Next Dravidians came in BC700 Keralians can say that they were the real ansisters of kerala generation. They came from Medeterenean region. Subsequently Mourian and Cheran Kingdom came in to power. This time Namboothiri brahminal became major power in Kerala.This period Malayalam language developed and Kerala became linguistically distinct region. In 14th Century Cheran Kingdom came in power they made alliance with Pallavas and defeated Cholas and Pandian Kingdom. The cast and community system started Aryans came to Kerala. In addition to all Entry of Porthughese and Btitish had major roll on the social,and educational cultures.